The Staple Tools of Photography

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The Staple Tools of Photography

Photos are as precious as memories because they have the ability to catch and preserving unforgettable times. Nowadays, the art of photography is becoming precious in a literal way. With the fast-paced advancements in technology came the different tools and equipment that have increased the quality of photos up a notch. From large cameras and many rolls of film to digital SLRs and memory cards, photography has truly become a high-paying profession and an expensive hobby. If you want to start taking photography as a hobby, one of the important questions you should ask to yourself is how much am I willing to spend on equipment? Knowing your budget is very important because it will dictate the quality of your tools and therefore the quality of your photos.

One tip for starters is to buy a basic camera at first. Instantly buying an expensive digital SLR is not recommended because operating it is highly difficult for those who are just beginning to learn the rules of photography. With a basic camera, you can practice the basics like the angles and the different types of shots and focuses. While you are still practicing your shots with your basic camera, you can also start investing on lenses and other accessories for a more advanced camera version. Lenses are extremely costly so if your mind is already set on pursuing photography it is better to start collecting lenses and other tools piece by piece as buying by bulk can be pretty painful in the pocket.

In buying camera lenses, you should select one that will be most useful to your immediate needs. If you are into event photography, purchase a wide aperture lens for a start. If you prefer taking snaps of nature, however, then buying a macro lens for close-ups of flowers and insects and stabilized zoom lens for wildlife is a wise choice. After you have already completed your initial set of lens, move on to their matching filters. Some of the filters recommended for starters are the skylight filters, polarizing filters, and UV filters. If you are planning to master photography under heavy light effects, then tungsten filters are a prerequisite in your set.

Other tools you would need to invest on first are reflectors and tripods. Lights and an extra flash may not be a wise choice to buy at first because they can totally defeat your purpose of learning the art. Even though a flash is really an effective and important gadget in improving your photography, it is better if you start to master taking pictures without the aid of the flash at first. Only move on to using flash once you have already mastered the ways of composing pictures and using proper lighting. You can also start to invest on building your own digital dark room if you want to produce your own prints. One of the most important staples of a digital darkroom is a fast computer with a large memory that can hold RAW images with hundred megabytes sizes.

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